Consultant, writer, educator, speaker, thinker.

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Introducing ProNotate — A Cutting-Edge Data Labeling Platform for AI

Data Labeling

Exploratory Data Analysis — A Case Study on Titanic Data set (Part-2)

Let’s unravel the mysteries of ‘The Unsinkable’…

Exploratory Data Analysis On Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge

The Data Scientist Journey: Chapter 4

Primary, Unique and Foreign Keys and Grouping When Working With Data Sets

FAIRware: towards FAIR community metadata practices

A diagram showing the three stages of the Fairware project: Metadata for machines workshops, CEDAR workbench and FAIRware Workbench.

Measures of variability and spread :

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Steven Ouellette

Steven Ouellette

Consultant, writer, educator, speaker, thinker.

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